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Member benefits 


Whether you are a publisher or have an interest in music publishing, you should join APEM to:


  • Get represented in the interests of music publishers on topics such as provincial and federal funding programs, the review of the Copyright Act, the evolution of the industry’s business models, the CRTC regulations and the promotion of Canadian content, as well as other relevant subjects;


  • Benefit from an influential advocacy;

  • Improve collecting society’s customer service;


  • Promote music publishing through the Christopher-J.-Reed prize, publisher’s best practices, useful tools and promising projects;


  • Create networking opportunities throughout the music publishing industry;


  • Ensure the training of a qualified workforce;


  • Get recognition from your peers and songwriters by being a part of a professional association;


  • Benefit from a substantial exposure by being displayed on our website;


  • Get advices regarding agreements related to music publishing;

  • Be up to date on the current events and topics about the music publishing industry and APEM.


Being a member also gives you:



  • A 15% discount on a subscription to the Tunesat’s audio monitoring technology services.



APEM has 3 member categories:


Professional Members

A professional member of the Association is a member who holds rights, titles and interests in musical works.  All professional members have the right, if they have been registered in a management company for less than three years at the moment of their APEM registration, to benefit from two years at a “starting member rate”. For the two years during which starting members can take advantage of this rate, they have the same benefits as professional members.  The publishers whose repertoires consist solely of their own works can access the “composer rate”, and still keep the same benefits as professional members. There is also a “outside of Quebec” rate for members whose business is located elsewhere than the province of Quebec.


Associate Members

An associate member is a person who is interested in music publishing but doesn’t hold any rights, titles or interests in musical works as a music publisher.


Honorary Members

An honorary member is a person nominated by the executive board by reason of their contribution and dedication to the progress and recognition of the music publishing industry and its members.



To take a look at our directory and find a publisher, please check out the Professional members page as well as the Associate members page.


To become a member, please refer to our Membership page.


To access our members’ code of conduct page, please click here.

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