About APEM

The Professional Music Publishers’ Association (Association des professionnels de l’édition musicale-APEM) represents francophone music publishers in Canada. Its members total 830 catalogues featuring 400 000 musical works.

APEM deals with anything related to the music publisher’s rights and interests, as well as those of the songwriters they represent. It actively participates in music industry discussion tables, be it on a provincial, national or international level. Our Association also offers a training program about music publishing, organises panels and conferences. Every year, APEM awards the Prix Christopher-J.-Reed to an individual engaged in its professional community. We also created Evangeline, a song lyrics database that seeks to expand the outreach of Canadian songs on digital platforms, to offer legal source and to regroup the texts for archive purposes. L'APEM also launched the Music Use Guide, a free web portal to find ressources on the integration of music in any project.




The purpose of APEM is to bring together music publishing professionals, to promote their interests, to advance the profession and to grant them with services seeking to improve their financial situation.


More specifically, our Association works on several topics such as the review and implementation of the Copyright law of Canada, the monetisation of digital file exchanges, the collective management of rights, the Copyright Board tariffs, the public support programs for music publishers and other matters related to the improvement of the professional activity of its members.



Two guiding values for APEM staff, executive and directors

  • The economic and legal value of copyright

  • The promotion of and access to musical works



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